13 Reasons ‘World War Z’ Scares The Hell Out Of Me

1. Because zombies!

Modern vampires have gone all sparkly and started talking about their feelings, while modern attempts at horror like Slender Man are just not scary. But zombies just seem to get more terrifying with every new incarnation. They are pretty much a bottomless well of poop-your-pants material.

2. There are too many zombies!

The scary thing about zombies is always the fact that there’s so damn many of them. One zombie is fine, you can pretty much just pull your curtains and ignore it. Twenty zombies, you’ve got a problem.

zombiesWorld War Z has billions of zombies. 4 billion, according to the trailer. It’s like an undead Coachella, except all of the hipsters are trying to eat you rather than just boring you to death about bands you’ve never heard of, and that’s actually slightly worse.

3. They chomp!

Rather than the traditional deathly moan, these guys seem to be chomping on air the whole time, as if they want their jaw muscles to be nicely warmed up when they sink their teeth into your flesh.

Stop that, it’s scary!

4. They can run!

zombies run

Romero zombies were plenty scary but at least they shuffled and you could count on being able to dodge them (until they surrounded your farmhouse or shopping mall). So thank you, 28 Days Later, for taking away that one comfort from us. World War Z zombies can not only run, but probably run faster than you. Which sucks.

5. They’ve gone all Pepsi Max!

These are EXTREME Zombies who not only do Parkour, but also go base jumping without parachutes. If they’re on top of a building and they see a tasty human on the street, no problem. They just fling themselves over the edge and hope their mouths land somewhere on the victim’s body. It’s raining men! Undead, flesh-eating men!

6. Zom-bees!

hordes of zombiesThe movement of the zombies in the World War Z trailer is weird and disturbing. They don’t just run, they swarm, like ants or termites or bees. Even huge walls won’t keep them out, because they’ll just form massive post-human pyramids to climb over them.