20 Zombie Books To Read While Awaiting ‘The Walking Dead’



Between the hype surrounding the new season of The Walking Dead, the release of World War Z, and Plants Vs. Zombies, it appears that Zombies are once again taking over pop culture.

Like most of you, I have an addiction. I crave the sound of tearing flesh, the screams that accompany it, the image of blood pouring out of a corpse, and the feeling of my heart pumping from fear…  the problem is, The Walking Dead doesn’t return until October, and I’ve already seen World War Z.

So our only salvation lies in zombie books! I would encourage you to download the Kindle, and start reading. Trust me, there’s no better time than now, to familiarize yourself with zombie fiction. There are literally hundreds of authors, and thousands of books. There’s even several Kindle zombie books that you can download for FREE.

Reading has become my favorite pastime! I encourage you to open your phone, or grab your iPad, and enter the zombie apocalypse at your leisure!

Also Take A Look At Our List Of The Best Post Apocalyptic Books

  1. Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry
  2. The First Days by Rhiannon Frater
  3. The Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell
  4. Apocalypse Z: The Beginning Of The End by Manel Loureiro
  5. Tooth And Nail by Craig Dilouie
  6. The Gathering Dead by Stephen Knight
  7. Dead City by Joe McKinney
  8. The Remaining by D.J. Molles
  9. EX Heroes by Peter Clines
  10. Trudge by Sean Chesser
  11. No Easy Hope by James N. Cook
  12. Comes The Dark by Patrick D’Orazio
  13. Six Feet From Hell by Joseph Coley
  14. White Flag Of The Dead by Joe Talluto
  15. Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo
  16. The Cure by Belinda Frisch
  17. Necropolis Now by Vincenzo Bilof
  18. Tales Of The Forgotten by W.J. Lundy
  19. Requiem For Humanity by Joseph Sweet
  20. Life After: The Arising by Bryan Way

Dead of NightDead of Night by Jonathan Maberry

A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave.  But all drugs have unforeseen side-effects.  Before he could be buried, the killer wakes up.

Hungry. Infected.  Contagious.

This is the way the world ends.

Not with a bang…but a bite.

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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  • Ben Moreno

    Great list! Some awesome stories…I’ve read many and now I’ve got a few more to check out! Thanks

    • Curtez


  • Brandon Andersen

    Apocalypse Z is one heck of a book. Thanks for this list Curtez!

    • Curtez

      Anytime… Your on my next list will have it posted next Sunday.

      • Brandon Andersen

        Looking forward to it! (Be gentle.)

  • Jenny Cox Thompson

    Rot and Ruin Series by Jonathan Mayberry

    • Curtez

      Haven’t read yet… Ill add that to my July reading list

    • Samantha Henry

      Loved them, really a good series. Everyone I’ve showed felt the same. For those who haven’t read it yet, check it out!

  • AvidZReader

    How did the Dead Hunger series miss this list when Coalition got on?

    • Curtez

      Simple, I can’t list what I haven’t read. This list came directly from my Kindle. I looked at every single book I’ve read and listed my favorites, books I’m comfortable sharing.

  • Peter Clines

    Clines not Cline

    (and thank you ;) )

    • Curtez

      Sorry I corrected the spelling.

  • Duane Patterson

    Great list….the Comes the Dark Trilogy by Patrick D’Orazio is my absolute favorite (what a beginning). You should try Rise Again by Ben Tripp or anything by David Moody (Autumn or Hater series) as well.

    • Curtez

      Yes, been hearing a lot about David’s books. He’s already on my list of books to read

  • Lana Douglas

    I’m looking forward to trying out some of these books. However, I recommend Joshua Guess’ Living With The Dead series and Bryan James LRZ-1143 series as they are both fantastic reads.

    • Curtez

      Lana, I enjoyed LRZ-1143, but he never finished the series… For whatever reason we left in limbo wondering what happened… I’ve yet to read any of Joshua’s books. Thanks for the info!

      • Lana Douglas

        He’s released several in a day by day blog format which began in March 2010 so there’s lots to enjoy. He’s also linked the world into one completed novel titled Victim Zero and is working on the follow up which I’m excited about. I love it when an author dedicates so much time to creating a world I can immerse myself in :)

  • Yolanda

    This a nice looking line up. Thank you for your reviews, I will definitely have to check some of these out. :)

  • theresa jeffreys

    are any of these books able to be downloaded to a aluratek libre reader as i have it not a kindle .

  • Audiobiliophile

    The return man is a must

  • Angie Boo

    How could you forget the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant? SO GOOD.

    • Curtez

      lol, I never read it…

      • Angie Boo

        Definitely need to read it. Awesome trilogy.

  • Roz Stanley

    enjoyed a lot of those books already and thanks for giving me some more to check out ,you really should give Chris Philbrooks Adrians Undead Diary a read , i love it and anyone who hasnt read AUD is missing a really good read

  • Jamie Rogers

    I definitely agree with Roz.. Adrian’s Undead Diary is a MUST have for any zombie fan!! In my humble opinion, it puts all other zombie stories to shame by a long shot! I will check out some of these stories, but I doubt any of them will surpass AUD in my mind :)

    • Curtez

      Sounds good. Can you verify if this is the book your referring too:

      • T. Greening

        Not my post but yes, that is the first book in the series, and it has been written to completion. The books have just started to come out in print (I think 3 so far) but the series itself is complete. No need to worry about being left hanging.

        I’ve read a fair amount of Z fiction and I will say that this is one of the most interesting formats I’ve come across. It’s also a pretty fresh take on the whole zombie apocalypse scenario as well. Virus this, biological warfare that has been done to death when it comes to the “cause”, and this story comes at you from a whole new angle.

        The only warning I can give is that once you start you WILL be pretty much locked in till the end, so budget accordingly. It IS that good.

  • RJ Kennett

    Need a new Winter Zombie Reading list as we wait for February!

    • Curtez

      True, we have another one that will hit the site next week. Ill keep you posted, considering your on it!

      • RJ Kennett

        Now that just made my day. :-D

        • Curtez

          We will see, it depends on how you like being referred to as a virgin…

          • RJ Kennett

            It’s all in the context, baby… ;P

  • dozr

    Great list want more!

  • jed85

    if you liked some of these check out sea of red and black it rocks

  • Jodi Ardito

    Here’s one that really effed w my head (chapter 10 isn’t for pansies). Great quick read…looking forward to the sequel.

  • Sean Hammond

    How is Feed by Mira Grant not on here?! The Newsflesh trilogy was awesome!!

  • The Dude

    A great one I stumbled across recently was “I Am Become Zombie” by C.L. Allen. He’s an indie author, and I came across his work by accident over on Goodreads, but seriously…read it. It’s the first part of a trilogy, I think, and it’s absolutely hilarious. A really interesting take on a zombie story.

  • Wiredwizard

    No love for Mira Grant’s Newsfeed trilogy?!