About R. Brandon Andersen

I grew up in a cornfield in Nebraska.

brandon-andersen-author-mantrapI wish that was a gross exaggeration, but in fact, my high school was literally in the middle of a cornfield. In college I wrote a 10-minute play that I sold for a whopping $20. I was obviously cut out for the limelight, so I moved to Chicago to pursue a career in IT consulting – of course.

After moving to Chicago I began studying at the world-famous Second City. Over the next few years I wrote, produced, directed and acted in various shows at that acclaimed institute, along with other various theatres around Chicago – cutting my comedy chops and learning first-hand what it means to be a starving artist – I wasn’t one, but I met a lot of them.

After a steady stream of shows with the sketch groups Monkey Don’t Productions and The Uncomfortables, I took a break to pursue a life of sanity and stability. In that pursuit, I found my lovely wife.

The jury is still out on the sanity…

Amantrap-brandon-andersen couple years ago some friends and I were at my buddy’s cabin in the middle of nowhere Minnesota and we realized that if something happened elsewhere in the world that weekend, we would have no idea; we were completely cut off from any form of communication out there. That got my buddy and I thinking…

Two years later, I published my first novel: Mantrap. The book follows the adventures of six guys in their late 20’s who are at a cabin in the middle of nowhere when the zombie apocalypse occurs. The story is in a zombie setting, but it’s really a story about friendship and the weird chemistry that makes up the group’s dynamic.

Okay, fine, it’s also about awesome action sequences and zombies getting cut in half with chainsaws… who am I kidding?

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  • Brandon Andersen

    Thanks for stopping by to hear me talk about myself, everyone! And a big thank you to Curtez and the Zombie Pop crew for this feature. I’m looking forward to reading more great reviews and zombie-related goings-on around here.

  • LeeAnn Harvey

    Would love a copy! Looking forward to reading it!