African Rabies? Mutated Avian Flu? Time To Unleash KA-BAR’s Pestilence

KA-BAR pestilenceIn the last of my four reviews of the Ka-Bar Zombie Killer “Four Horsemen” blades I bring you the biggest of the four.

Again, I placed the blade up against one of the Hibben-esque throwers I reviewed a while back, and the Acheron companion knife that ships with each of the Zombie Killer blades, and you can see that this is indeed a big blade. It’s no sword, as with the other blades in the series, but it is certainly no butter-knife either. The broad, gently forwards-curved blade is reminiscent of a bill-hook knife this is a tool not to be taken lightly. Functional and simple, this blade is the longest of the set, as well as the heaviest.

I really liked the machete like feel to it, and the forwards swept head really lends itself  to a devastating chop. The design reminded me of the knives I had seen in West Africa when I lived there, and filled me with a feeling of long lasting, rugged dependability. If you wanted a serious limb, head and obstacle chopper, this would something you could add to your list for sure.

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