Audiobook Review: Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse by Nicholas Ryan

As an avid listener to zombie apocalypse audiobooks there are very few times, now days, where an author really terrifies me. Nicholas Ryan in his new audiobook release Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse has done just that. It was all accomplished by painting some of the most vivid scenes I have heard, utilizing complex and interesting characters surrounded by mystery, a narrator that is able to deliver perfect timing for maximum impact.

Then there are the unique, to me, take on our favorite undead creatures. Zombies that will eat each other, one was wounded and suddenly the horde stops advancing, moaning turning to growling, and then they converged upon the wounded and tore it to shreds in an all out ravenous feeding frenzy. My only negative is it was way too short.

Publisher: Podium Publishing
Author: Nicholas Ryan
Narrated by: R. C. Bray
Published: February 2014
Length: 6 hrs and 21 mins

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