Audiobook Review: Ex-Purgatory by Peter Clines

If you are not familiar with the Ex-Heroes series by Peter Clines you are missing out. This is a review of the fourth book in the series and they are all worth a listen. The cast of characters include The Mighty Dragon, a flame spewing invincible man; Zap, a flying fusion reaction; Stealth, a hide in the darkness super ninja assassin, think of Batman that can kill people;  Captain Freedom, a Hulk like genetically modified military man; to name a few. We all know what happens to regular people during the zombie apocalypse but what about the super heroes? This particular book could have been told from any genre as it mixes mystery and suspense with zombies, and has the least amount of action, blood and guts that the previous three.

Publisher: Audible Frontiers
Author: Peter Clines
Narrated by: Jay Snyder
Published: January 2014
Length: 10 hrs and 24 mins

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