The Best Zombie Themed Attractions in The US for Halloween

Of all the fun things you can do for Halloween, why not get your zombie freak on and attend one of these Zombie-themed attractions- quick, before the current wave of zombie love dies out and we’re all stuck enduring yet another wave of Vampire-themed Halloweens again.

Here we have only the purists: these aren’t simply haunted houses with a careless mix of zombies, ghosts, vampires and creepy types thrown together for covering a wide spectrum of scare types intended for a mass audience. These are zombie-themed Halloween attractions… all in the US and each one of them dedicated to the art of scaring the bejezus out of you with zombie actors, zombie scenarios and zombie props.

Zombie Manor

They certainly know about horror in Texas – Arlington, TX to be exact, where Zombie Manor is located. If you consider yourself a zombie aficionado, then do yourself a favor and book a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth airport. This is “pre-trend” zombie horror- the folks here have been scaring us since before the popular TV series aired.

Visit their site and see all the backstory they’ve come up with and you’ll get an idea of the high level of quality. It rides on the Voo-Doo connection with zombies, and as a result, the attraction incorporates some pretty creep Voo-Doo stuff, setting it above and beyond your run-of-the-mill zombie attraction.



Woah, a whole town of zombies! Yup, that’s Zombietown, where you can experience the total creepiness of a zombie ghost town that’s actually the size of a town, made possible by the fact that this is located in the sticks of Delaware, where land is cheap.

It’s part of Frightland, a huge, 1700 acre complex of Halloween scary fun centered around a central story of a crazy doctor. There’s Zomietown and Zombie Prison as well, but for the price of admission you get some non-zombie frights as well.


Supermax Riot at Rikers (Scarefest)

Finally, a reason to visit St. Louis, Missouri. That’s where Creepyworld Screampark is located, and they have an all new zombie attraction for 2014: Supermax Riot at Rikers. (Think Season 3 & part of 4 in The Walking Dead TV show).

They’re rolling it out just in time for Halloween 2014, and it’s an entire prison yard set up with mazes full of extra large and impressive props like burning cars.

The “Walking Dead” House at Universal Studios in Orlando

Leave it to Universal Studios to ride the trend and do it up big. They’ve teamed up with AMC, the network that created the TV series, so they actually get to call their zombie attraction The Walking Dead.<