Book Review: Central Outbreak Response Genesis

RJ Kennett Central Outbreak Response GenesisZombies are very much alive and walking, capturing our collective imaginations each time we open the cover of a good book. Speaking of good books, here’s a review of one I read a few weeks back.

Central Outbreak Response Genesis, is the debut novel of author RJ Kennett. Right from the start it immerses the reader into the reality of the protagonist, Max Newsome. Like me, Max suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the classic symptoms are clearly on display.

The novel begins on the campus of a college where a violent school shooting is underway. The only person to initially notice the gunshots is Max who starts to tune in to the sounds of the gunfire. Once everyone realizes what’s going on, the campus goes into full lock-down mode, while Max suffers from a flashback.

Max teams up with Arthur, a fellow classmate, and together they react to the situation after they realize the full scale of the situation and the reality of the zombie onslaught. It soon becomes clear that the shooting is not an attack on the campus, but police shooting at zombies. People are dying in their attempts to escape the hungry flesh-eating monsters and are becoming infected themselves in the process, creating a horrific cycle of death.

At the beginning of Central Outbreak Response: Genesis there is not much background explanation as to how the zombie situation arises, but it soon becomes clear that this is a fight for life itself. The stage is set for a battle to survive and this is where Max’s PTSD works to his advantage as he begins to follow his instincts.

Max remains hyper-vigilant; embodied through his war buddy Riggins, who was killed in action. Riggins comes to Newsome through hallucinations and in dreams and offers up solutions, and cryptic advice, which often leaves Newsome with more questions than answers.

Central Outbreak Response moves along through an action packed series of events as the characters try to survive. The story does end abruptly which left me wanting more, but this can only mean that there will be another story that picks up from that point forward.

R J Kennett himself states that this is not the story he set out to write but that it “demanded to be told”, so “that book will be the second in the trilogy”.

Central Outbreak Response: Genesis is a story that you will have a difficult time putting down. This is a “a pulse-pounding tale of survival, friendship, love and loss”. If you love zombie fiction, stories of the struggle to survive and gritty action, then this is a MUST READ!

RJ has done an excellent job in sucking in the reader and taking them on a wild, action-packed adventure.

I highly recommended that you get this book and start reading it.

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