A No-Brainer Approach to Gaming Popularity

How zombies as pop culture icons are helping the online casino industry

Zombies are all around us.
Not in the apocalyptic sense, of course, but zombies have been in pop culture vogue for quite some time now. These undead born out of George Romero’s seminal Night of the Living Dead (and you can argue about voodoo all you want, but zombies as we know them come from the Romero School of Shambling) have become a big part of our daily fictional media intake. Within the last few years, we have seen video games, comic books, movies, and TV shows all featuring our favorite mindless creatures.

It’s this kind of popularity that many industries utilize through brand licensing to increase their own marketing reach. One of these industries is online casino gaming.

Betfair ArcadeBrick-and-mortar casinos have the upper hand when it comes to providing an immersive gaming experience environment-wise. As if the glitz and glamour of a casino district’s neon-lit night weren’t enough, the atmosphere inside a gaming establishment itself further sells the party-like mood. Add in the occasional celebrity sightings, the many Elvis impersonators, drinks, concerts, and whathaveyou, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for one hell of a night to remember.

Online casinos weren’t about to go down easily though, and their trump card was quite the big one. Going instead with the licensing route, online gaming has somehow carved out a lucrative space for itself in the gaming industry. After all, no one can deny the power that pop culture has over our collective psyches. For instance, a Resident Evil -themed online slots game is sure to draw in a huge number of players, not just because zombies are plastered onto the game’s art design, but also because the video game series that the slots game is based on has a huge worldwide fanbase itself. In other words, it’s the brand familiarity angle at work.

And it’s not just zombies which are huge draws. Betfair Arcade’s lineup shows that there’s something for everyone from the wide realm of pop culture, including comic book heroes like Batman and Wolverine; classic movies like Ghostbusters and King Kong; and even real-life icons like Hulk Hogan and Evel Knievel. No matter what a player fancies, the convenience of portable playing will always be accompanied by one of his many interests.

This brand licensing tactic seems to be working to online casino gaming’s favor. They’re slowly but surely overtaking their real-world counterparts in terms of overall patronage; and the use of zombie-centric licenses have their part in that.