Bring On The Next Horseman, Here Comes The KA-BAR ZK Famine Tanto

ka-bar_zombie_killer_FaminePrepare for yourself for the coming of the Famine Tanto. This is a hefty knife. It shares the same toxic/radioactive green GFN-PA66 scales as the other knives in this set, which is a nice feature, being totally interchangeable, and likewise, shares the matte-black scale option, shipping with its own set.

The first thing that caught my attention about this blade was its size. At 430g (0.95 lbs) this is a significant jump up from the Death Dagger. 90g heavier may not seem a lot, but when you consider the Hibben-esque thrower beside it weighs about 140g all up it puts this into perspective.

That is some serious hacking and chopping power.

The blade geometry is essentially a “classic” modern tanto style, albeit a chunky and big design. The primary grind begins a bit less than half way from the cutting edge, giving a very solid spine, before meeting the tapered, 20 degree cutting edge, as seen in the Death Dagger. Technical specifications from KA-BAR indicate the edge holds a Rockwell hardness of 52-54. Plenty for chopping into skulls and necks, as well as hacking your way through obstacles!

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