Bryan Way, Author Of ‘Life After: The Arising’

Update: read the review of Bryan Way’s novel Life After: The Arising!

Life After: The Arising

Though I grew up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, I never really grew up. This I owe to a lifelong fixation on fantasy that saw me aspiring to be a Ghostbuster, paleontologist, storm chasing meteorologist, and a hockey color analyst before realizing I could be anything I wanted if I became a writer, which, incidentally, I already was.

I can say with certainty that the zombie bug bit me in 1998 with the release of Resident Evil 2, subsequently followed by my first viewing of Dawn of the Dead a month or so later.

I fashioned undead scenarios soon thereafter and officially submitted my first short story to Homepage Of The Dead in 2000, where I have been periodically published ever since.

With higher education practically a prerequisite in my family, I graduated from Temple University in 2007 having majored in film and minored in English, all the while having worked on a series of books, screenplays, short stories, poetry, essays, songs, and articles I refused to show to anyone until I started writing about online relationships for Examiner.com, eventually graduating to the local film post.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I finally decided one of the dozen projects I’d been working on needed to be released for me to call myself a writer. Life After: The Arising, the first novel in a long-gestating series of zombie short stories and documents, had been completed in 2004 but I continued revising it periodically while I grew the story and learned to be a better writer. It will be my first published work when it comes out in June of 2013.

I continue to live on the outskirts of Philadelphia, and I never intend to grow up.

Bryan Way