Z-Day Prep: Bug In? Bug Out? Be Aware!

Previously I covered some thoughts I’ve had on what happens when Z-day occurs and I am out and about, or stuck at work. This got me to thinking about just what my house or my neighborhood be in the wake of a Zombie epidemic. What about where I work? You always hear about health care facilities being a hive of reanimation but what about the research facilities? How about “heading for the hills”?

It’s all good and well to have a sweet fully decked out rig, or the baddest blade at your hip, but if you don’t also stop to think about the walls around you, where you and yours will lay down their heads to catch some rest, where you will hold up when the dead are shambling around eating old Mr. Wiggens and little Bobby from daycare in your driveway! How are you even going to make it to “that cabin by the lake” if the roads are jam packed?

Like the Real-Estate people always say: Location, Location, Location!

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