Report From CDC: Zombies Are Real?

CDC zombies

Messages left at the CDC offices in Georgia were not immediately returned.

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a division of their website dedicated to preparing for an undead attack, eventually admitting these CDC zombies were part of a campaign to raise awareness about a variety of general preparedness techniques.

CDC Zombies

The Specimen Brain Trauma Impact Index section of the Undeath Syndrome Surveillance and Diagnosis report.

Now it seems as though they had some first-hand experience.

Earlier today, a story centered around a detailed study of the risen bodies of the recently dead in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania emerged on The National Report . An incident apparently occurred on October 9, 2004, and some time after that, the CDC, in conjunction with the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC), produced a dispatch on the phenomenon known as the Undeath Syndrome Surveillance and Diagnosis report. Covering everything from a narrative examination of undead dissemination, expected reanimation times, the altered function of bodily systems, maze testing results, the quarantine of Delaware County, and a host of recommendations, this report appears to have been written somewhat hastily to assist government, military, and healthcare officials with the containment and understanding of the resurrected corpses popularly known as Zombies.

And a copy of that report is available below, saved as images in hopes of avoiding detection.

Most of the report is written in medical prose, so large swatches of it may be too boring or complicated to go over with a fine tooth comb, but there should be enough here to make any sensible person nervous. After all, they actually created a table to show how long it takes for someone bitten to revive.

Download: Undeath Syndrome Surveillance and Diagnosis Report

Okay, so, obviously the ‘CDC zombies’ report is a work of fiction. The good news is that this document is part of the story in the Life After series, the main focus of which is my first novel Life After: The Arising. If you want to find out more, please visit the Life After Facebook page or follow updates on Twitter.

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