D.J. Molles, Author Of ‘The Remaining’ Series

The Remaining Fractured Book 4

Update: The Remaining: Fractured has been published on Amazon

Today’s culture is fascinated with zombies.

From zombie movies, to zombie books to zombie crawls, we take our zombies however we can get them. There is also an emerging group of survivalist preppers. While these groups have been around for quite some time, they have been gathering steam in recent years.

Whether it is due to the increasing numbers of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters or simply a growing awareness of our reliance on modern technology, more people are beginning to realize just how unprepared they are should disaster strike.

Author D.J. Molles has taken the two ideas of zombie apocalypse and survival prepping and twisted them into an intriguing story, having written three incredible books with a unique perspective on the two topics.

DJ Molles Author Of The Remaining SeriesD.J. Molles is still relatively unheard of to many. His books are self-published and available on Amazon.com as e-books. The three books in his series, The Remaining, The Remaining: Aftermath, The Remaining: Refugees, and The Remaining: Fractured have taken the literary world by storm!

Having won a short fiction contest through Writer’s Digest, Molles has taken the combination of two wildly popular ideas and rolled them into a single series that is gripping and riveting.

Molles and his wife, Tara, make a terrific team. D.J. Molles uses his wife’s photography talent to create the covers to his books. The two of them and their baby girl live in Concord, North Carolina.

Molles is no stranger to writing. He has been writing short stories and other works of fiction since he was old enough to type. While his dad has always been his biggest fan, he has also been honest in his feedback of young D.J.’s work: a fact he accredits much of his current writing ability to. He has been both thrilled and humbled by the success of his Remaining series, first attributing many of his book’s sales to his wife’s friends. Once he realized just how popular his book was becoming, he began to finally feel some success as a self-published writer.

We can be almost certain we will see more of D.J. Molles’ work in the future–most likely self-published works again through Amazon. While he isn’t opposed to being published by a large publishing company, he admits the offer would have to be very attractive in order to compensate for possibly quashing his own uniqueness and creativity.

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    Nice little piece… I love ‘The Remaining’ series and have been waiting for this release for awhile. My love of this series and following it on Facebook have now led me to a website about one of my other enthusiast hobbies… zombies. 🙂