Entering The World Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Social Game

The Walking Dead is a hugely popular TV series that has captivated audiences from all over the world. Tales about zombies have, for so many years, caught the interest of those who long for adventure-filled stories where the action seems to never end. Whether it’s a book, a movie or a TV series, audiences are glued to what happens next because in the world of the undead, it seems like anything can happen.

The creators are usually able to craft it in such a way that readers or audiences are always taken by surprise, and this is what Omakes these stories so thrilling to follow. Even if it already has a huge following, the popularity of The Walking Dead has soared to even greater heights when they introduced The Walking Dead Social Game. Because of the game, fans are no longer just spectators but actual participants in the action.

A Level Up in Experience

The social game allows people to enter the world of The Walking Dead and this provides such a level up, in terms of experience. I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time, but the social game made me even more addicted to it because it gave me such a unique opportunity to be part of the world that was created for the characters that I have already grown to love. Of course, the setting is just as filled with tension as the series, and because I’m actually part of the “world” this time, I actually feel the element of horror and survival firsthand.

It is of course still a game, but when I played it for the first time, I still felt the unmistakable thrill that I always associated with the series.

Strategy and Survival

What makes the experience so unique however is that unlike the TV series where I’m actually just limited to what the writers and directors of the show want to happen, with the game, I get a say on what is going to happen next.

Depending on how I play the game and how I utilize the strategies for survival, the future of the world of The Walking Dead will be affected. Being familiar with the series is a big plus, because I get to decide who my squad members are based on the skill sets of the characters. I get to form my battle strategy with these things in mind, so it becomes all the more exciting and challenging.

The Appeal of Social Media

Aside from just being able to enter the world of The Walking Dead through this game, another thing that makes it incredibly appealing is the fact that the game is played in a social media site. This means that I can earn points and improve my stats, but because this is played in Facebook, I can invite my friends to enjoy the same experience.

The more players there are, the more exciting it is, because just like in the TV series, you can’t completely predict how things will turn out.