The Father’s Day Gift Guide For Zombie Killing Dads

Body Armor…

The Tactical Dad Apron

If your dad is the undisputed Master of the Grill, make it so he doesn’t have to harsh his barbecue zen by constantly having to run back into the house to get supplies. He can take everything he needs with him with our Tactical DAD Apron, complete with MOLLE system. Let him keep the spatulas, BBQ forks, tongs, brushes, thermometers, spices, plates, and of course, cold drink, close at hand. More time for keeping an eye on the fire, tossing the ball, and just relaxing. Like a dad.

$29.99 from Think Geek

  • Do you guys have any Father’s Day Gift suggestions?

    • Plantastic

      Here is one the ZOMBIE PLANT grow kit. In it Dad can grow a real ZOMBIE PLANT that “PLAYS DEAD” when he touches it! Just search it on amazon or thinkgeek….this is real!

  • Ooo GGrr Orr!!