The Father’s Day Gift Guide For Zombie Killing Dads

Something To Lift…


Onnit has designed another limited edition set of freakish kettlebells, this time giving a nod to the walking dead. Zombie Bells, like their Primal Bell predecessors, come in 4 levels of size, weight, and grotesqueness. From smallest to largest, lightest to heaviest, and fugly to now I’m going to be sick before and after my workout, they are:

  • 18-pound/1/2-pood Brain Goblin Zombie Bell
  • 36-pound/1-pood Staple Head Zombie Bell
  • 54-pound/1-1/2-pood Ghostface Thrilla Zombie Bell
  • 72-pound/2 -pood Mega Dead Zombie Bell

$84 – $169 from Onnit

  • Do you guys have any Father’s Day Gift suggestions?

    • Plantastic

      Here is one the ZOMBIE PLANT grow kit. In it Dad can grow a real ZOMBIE PLANT that “PLAYS DEAD” when he touches it! Just search it on amazon or thinkgeek….this is real!

  • Ooo GGrr Orr!!