The Father’s Day Gift Guide For Zombie Killing Dads

A Pinup Calendar…

Gorgeous and Gory Calendar

The 2014 Gorgeous and Gory Zombie Pin-up Calendar. The brain-eating babes you’ve come to love over the past 4 years are bringing you 12 more months of brutally beautiful photos. Check into a room with this new calendar, and you’ll soon forget all about hot tubs and free cable! This calendar is of superior quality, unmatched aesthetics, and endless allure.

$15.95 from Amazon.com

  • Do you guys have any Father’s Day Gift suggestions?

    • Plantastic

      Here is one the ZOMBIE PLANT grow kit. In it Dad can grow a real ZOMBIE PLANT that “PLAYS DEAD” when he touches it! Just search it on amazon or thinkgeek….this is real!

  • Ooo GGrr Orr!!