Review: Five Little Zombies (and Fred) by Jules Sherred

If you’re fond of quirky humor and don’t mind references to the macabre and the dead, it can be confidently said – Five Little Zombies (and Fred) is sure to become the best graphic story you’ve ever read. Finally here’s an introduction with a good rhyme and reason! Yes – this graphic mini-novel by renowned author Jules Sherred is a delightful story narrated entirely with jocular rhymes. The book contains excellent artwork and wonderfully innovative text to deliver a distinctive and outstanding reading experience.

A Review of 5 Little Zombies And Fred Jules Sherred

Five Little Zombies (and Fred), is available for sale as an e-book or as a paperback for $14.95. The story also features in a video version complete with full songs that are available for sale on the Bandcamp store.

Moreover, the popularity of the book has spawned merchandise like T-shirts, posters, mugs, water bottles, and iPad cases – all of which can be obtained from the Zazzle store.

The story is set in Canada and revolves around Fred, a little boy who is caught in the center of a Zombie outbreak. Five zombies have specifically targeted Fred as their next victim and will stop at nothing to get rid of him. Fred has to gather his wits and eliminate the five zombies before they make him their casualty.

He is assisted in the adventure by a Royal Mounted Canadian Policeman referred to as a “Mountie”. The Mountie has a sure-fire formula for obliterating the zombies: shooting them in the head. Will Fred escape from his dreaded tormentors? Will he heed the Mountie’s sagely advice? What will be the final outcome of this deadly cat and mouse game?

The narrative is free-flowing, extremely easy to follow, and – as mentioned earlier – exceedingly witty thanks to the accompanying rhyming text. The colorful, vivid, and often exaggerated illustrations perfectly complement the story. Whether you take the characters, the settings, or even little visual elements – the entire artwork is appealing and appropriate to the graphic novel genre. It is to be noted that the book is primarily aimed at adults belying its overall childlike look and feel. The dialogues and storytelling are laced with satire that will interest only elder and mature readers.

Further, the drawings and sketches contain slightly violent content linked to zombies that might deter or scare young readers. In short, this is not a children’s book!

The beauty of this mini-novel lies in the many subtexts underpinning the story as well as the numerous sub-plots it offers you via background illustrations and cues. These ingredients make for an engaging and entertaining diversion from standard graphic novels. For example there are pictorial references to Easter eggs with a separate story track related to the eggs.

Only minor limitations can be listed. One concerns the miniscule size of some of the graphics that mildly impairs the reading experience. Others may find the principal plot oversimplified and lacking in the type and number of characters. But these are trivial demerits in what is a highly satisfying read.

Five Little Zombies (and Fred) is hugely entertaining graphic mini-novel you will love. No doubt about it – Jules Sherred has fashioned a story that – just like the zombies – others will be ‘dying’ to read too!


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