Girls In Their Undies Vs. Zombies

These pin-ups were created by the infamous graphic artist John Masse (massgrfx on DeviantArt). Girls In Their Undies Vs. Zombies is a set of pin-ups that provide two of my favorite things; half-naked girls and the undead…

So enjoy, these underwear-clad beauties in awkward positions as they slay zombies…

Thanks to John Masse for letting us carry Girls In Their Undies Vs. Zombies on Zombie Pop!

  • Great post. These pin-ups are just terror-rific! I’d love to post something about this guy and his work on my blog.

    • Zetruc

      Joe, I agree absolutely love the pinups… I hope the artist takes the time to create more….

  • Reno Pratorius

    This is so crazy lol but its cool though… i love the zombie genre