Head Cracking Slingshot Zombie Hammer With Skull Ejector

Jorge Sprave is at it again. Check out his Zombie killing contraption, part hammer, part slingshot, and skull ejector:

Jorge Sprave

After reviewing the second season of The Walking Dead, the team at The Slingshot Channel realized that firearms are weapons of last resort in a Zombie outbreak. Gunshots are just too loud, veritable dinner bells for the undead.

A powerful slingshot is a very good choice, as earlier tests clearly proved. But then again, a close quarter weapon may even be more important – most of the Zombie killings in the show have been done with clubs, rocks, machetes, even with a screwdriver.

So a combo weapon is our answer to the challenge. A 15cm steel spike, sharp and hardened, in combination with a blunt ‘smasher’ side made from a large steel ball, plus a slingshot on the handle side!

A spike is the easiest way to destroy a Zombie brain. But what if it gets stuck, and more ghouls are approaching? Therefore, a skull ejector lever has been added. A simple pull, and the spike comes free, ready to make the next dead thing deader.

The weapon is tested against some vegetables and melons, plus thick particle boards.