How To Avoid Becoming A Zombie In Vegas

We all know that Las Vegas is home to many things. To my surprise I found that they were also the home of the one and only Zombie Apocalypse Store.  So, while the rest of the family spent time preparing for the wedding. I decided to catch a taxi and head over to see what this pre-apocalyptic store was all about.

The journey over could have been a little more brief. It should have been about 15 minutes from the hotel but it seems my zombie like driver, clearly had no idea where the store was actually located. As we were traveling down Spring Mountain Road, my neck remained on a swivel.

My eyes alert and constantly searching, vigorously scanning the sector impatiently looking for something to pop out and reveal its undead glory.

Then finally, I see it!

As the taxi came to a stop I almost immediately noticed the sign. Painted black with white lettering: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE STORE. Clearly, this let me know that I was in the right place. But then what seemed to be a misplaced sign also caught my eyes. The words CASH FOR GOLD & SILVER plastered right underneath.  “WTH?” was my initial thought but being the zombie fan that I am I will let that one slide (for now).

The Front Of The Zombie Apocalypse Store

By this point I’m thinking this place is cool…

Now, only if I can find the door…

Meeting The Zombie Apocalypse Store Team

Once inside I was greeted by a team of undead slayers. Let me give you a little run down of the crew. The store is managed by Kimmey, a former Air Force PJ.  Then there is Valerie who served in the Marines as the first female Scout Sniper. And then there is Cole. Cole was a former Hollywood Stunt Man, who’s now on disability after an accident during the filming of World War Z (bet you didn’t see that one coming).

I even had the pleasure of being escorted around the store, by a plain clothes security guard. The guy carried a snub nose .22 (I guess they were intimidated by my Wounded Warrior t-shirt).

Just kidding guys… moving right along!

So What’s Inside?

The store is part novelty shop, and part military surplus. Which is perfect because who would have better weapons than the military, right? Don’t answer that.

Needless to say I was overwhelmed by all of the functional items this place had to offer.  I came across several different types of gadgets and modified weapons like a repurposed M35 (deuce and a half). The place was decorated with Mannequins geared up for Z-Day. But more importantly, they even have a blood fountain with floating body parts… how cool is that?

There stock includes plenty of t-shirts, targets, posters, and other branded items. In addition the store also sells, Hornady ZombieMax ammo, MRE’s, the Zombie Survival Guide and a horde of survival gear to help you prepare for Z-Day.  

Other Features 

If the bloody fountain or the gear and weapons didn’t grab your attention and make you groan inaudibly then maybe this will. The store even has tourist attractions. If you are into remembering the horrible (yet exciting times you spent surviving the apocalypse), there is a green screen for interactive zombie killing photos. An old school firing range, and a furnace to well, you know keep the undead from getting back up. I know you are probably wondering how much that cost right? Well my friends to properly bake the dead the cost is $1.00.

The Zombie Apocalypse Store is the perfect place for any newbie looking to survive during a zombie infested world. But, what made it worth my time was the zombie slaying weapons inside the display case.

Specifically, the more notable of the few was the Zombie Hammer, The Hak and The Brainsaw:

I also discovered some interesting information pertaining to the Zombie Hammer and an upcoming production of extremely wicked weapons. I’ll cover them in another post.

Overall the trip was decent, the staff was great and the owner went above and beyond to accommodate me and answer any questions that I had. So if you are visiting Vegas and by chance are a zombie loving freak, I encourage you to take the time and step away from the strip and visit the Zombie Apocalypse Store. I think you will agree with me when I say it’s worth the trip even if you get bit in the process. 

You can find the Zombie Apocalypse Store at their website, and on Facebook and Twitter.