How To Train For A Zombie Apocalypse!

We all know and love Dawn of the Dead, the 1978 film which to this day is still one of the greatest zombie films of all time, having inspired many comedic homages such as Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. Each film places you in different stages of a zombie apocalypse. But are films like these the best place to turn for tactics?

zombie paintballImagine if you could be involved in a live interactive zombie experience running around with guns (paintball ones, not real ones of course) with actual (ok, actors) zombies chasing after you. By now you probably know where I’m going with this – now you can!

The ideal activity for those on a stag party in Birmingham or for those looking for a truly unique experience, the Birmingham Zombie Experience is a  zombie boot camp takes place just outside of Birmingham in the UK. In the sticks, for full effect.

Those treating themselves are in for an action packed day with a specially created setting and storyline, zombie boot camp combines paintballing, SWAT and role play with actors playing the roles of the zombies. On arrival you’ll be kitted out in military gear and trained up as part of a riot squad which is being put together to overcome a zombie apocalypse which is quickly spreading across the UK.

The training comes from ex-military (some current!) instructors who will teach you the skills of weapon handling including how to use a pistol, a rifle and fake grenades. Then it’s time to put the training into reality (well, semi-reality) with paintball guns which are designed around an M4 carbine assault rifle making them far superior in aim than your average paintball gun.

With a specially designed warehouse as well as open spaces, this is not an activity for the fainthearted. Using real people to play the zombies means that they will enact what we’ve come to know zombies main intentions are; to bite. Whilst they’re unlikely to actually bite you (although, be sure to read the disclaimer form to confirm this!), they will do everything in their power for that intention whether it means dragging you out of the moving vehicles, jumping you or trying to tackle your gun from you. Whilst the instructors shout orders, you have to deal with huge hordes of zombies.

Think you’re brave and strong enough for zombie paintball? Ultimately, you get to pretend to be a soldier for the day and pretend to save the UK from a zombie apocalypse. One thing’s for sure, if this zombie myth does become a reality, post-zombie boot camp, you’ll be well prepared in the art and skill of zombie killing.