I Prefer Fast Zombies, Am I Prejudice?

I’ve struggled with prejudices my entire life. I never would have considered that zombies might have the same issues…

A Case for Fast Zombies is an animated film from Spill.com – It’s a debate that’s been going on since the success of 28 Days Later – can fast zombies, or more accurately, ‘infected’ be considered true zombies? As these creatures continue to dominate popular media we’re starting to see a sort zombie multiculturalism. Of course with change comes resistance and ignorance.

That’s why we’re hopeful we can bring some rationale thinking to these increasingly heated arguments over what merits zombie legitimacy.

  • Harry, very nice comment. I think I’m going to make it a post on the site, so others can see your feedback. Lastly, do you blog?

    • Harry Crabb

      Hey, I sent you my email address through the contact form + left my email in mail sent to your reddit account. Myself and my friend Mason really want to get involved with blogging and would love for you to feature some of our videos. 🙂 Please get in touch so we can discuss this.

  • I also like fast moving zombies. They are more deadly and modern. I have no interests in old slow zombies.