Introducing Joseph Sweet Author Of ‘The Last Days’ Series

I knew I wanted to write when I was young but had no experience to draw from. joseph_sweet___001_by_joseph_sweet-d3rbwjgI tried a few times between the ages of eight and eleven, but backed away from it for a while after realizing that I just wasn’t ready. I was in an accident when I was eight, in a coma for a week, and while healing I read a lot and I think that was what got me thinking I could do it.

I’ve always loved zombies. My step father let me watch Night of the Living Dead when I was a kid and it was all downhill from there as far as my parents were concerned. I was a horror fanatic. My fascination with the dark side of life… or unlife… was a constant annoyance. They tried to discourage it any way they could, but nothing stuck. I didn’t get much support for the creative stuff either.

Last Days: Requiem for HumanityMy step-father thought I should be a mechanic. My mother would get excited when I did something cool and then loose interest quickly. My English teachers really got me going, grading and critiquing short stories and poems and encouraging me.

But I don’t think I ever really saw myself actually writing zombie fiction. I never even attempted it until a couple of years ago. Then I had some ideas that I thought were kind of original takes on the whole thing and that got me going. Most of my work thus far has been horror or dark fantasy with some science fiction here and there.

My first novel had a very nice review in Gothic Beauty Magazine issue # 36 and I’ve gotten a great deal of positive feedback from fans. I truly love what I do, and the greatest reward is hearing that people love what they are reading.

The first book in the zombie series is Requiem for Humanity (Last Days: Book One) and it will be four books in total. After that I will probably move on to other subjects. I wanted to create something original, not just churn out more of the same, and I think thus far the fans have been reacting to that. So I won’t run it dead. I’ll go where it’s leading me and then end it.

You can read a sample chapter of Joseph Sweet’s Requiem for Humanity at his blog.

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