Introducing: The Skull Splitter Zombie Slingsword

The infamous German Zombie slayer Jorge Sprave teamed up with John Helms of Helms’ Forge to create the Skull Splitter Zombie Slingsword. After a year of collaboration the blade arrived in Germany and was tested on the Slingshot channel.

It is a short sword, ideal for short distance fighting, but powerful enough to chop Zombie heads of with ease. We decided to also use scrap material, that can be found in a post apocalyptic world, so the final weapon would look like the weapon of a post Zombie pandemic survivor and warrior. We also made the sheath, from plywood (three layers of 6mm). We settled for a stiff harness, so the sword can be drawn with one hand.

We finally attached three layers of TBG, for secure Zombie killing power. The video shows the sword against the Zombie Go Boom head, which it splits with ease. Of course another coconut test is included as well. Besides some photos from the built, 2 little bloopers have also been added.