Joe Talluto: ‘White Flag Of The Dead’ Series

Joe Talluto White Flag Of The DeadI had started my writing a long time ago, sticking to short stories and poems as they occurred to me.

Even then, the stories were nothing I pursued, they simply were inside me waiting to be written. My novels happened in the same way. They just were there and it was their turn to be written. And it turns out, I have enjoyed writing immensely, and would love to pursue it full time if I could. I include most of my personal interests in the stories, and future novels will include many places I have visited.

White Flag of the Dead is a series not about surviving a zombie plague, but living past it.

John Talon is unique in that he survives the apocalypse, but works to make sure his son has a future worth living in. All of the battles, all if the challenges, center around making sure his son lives.  Along the way, he finds like minded souls who refuse to surrender to the dead.

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