Kickstarter: Tee No Evil Producing Zombie T-shirts

Tee No Evil is a zombie-themed t-shirt line with a splatter of humor. They need a little help ($$$) in order to raise their designs from the grave!

A few days ago I received an email from Franco, requesting our assistance.  They have a Kickstarter project going that currently $1,869 shy of reaching their goal of $5,000. 

Franco and his brother Francis share our love for the undead, and have custom designed 5 shirts. The shirts will be printed by Ink Press, and be made available for both men and women. What’s most important to me is that they’ve e actually taken the time to test the shirts (you know, actually wash and dry them), after 20 cycles the designs retain their original look, no cracks or fading.

Please don’t  just take our word for it visit http://kck.st/15AX2EH, to see their work first hand.