Kristen Middleton Is Dead Serious About Zombies

I’m probably the last person you’d expect to write a zombie series. Kristen-MiddletonIn fact, when I admit this, the people around me tend to give the old eyebrow arch and then almost always ask if I’m serious. My response is obvious – “I’m dead serious”.

Chirp… chirp… chirp….

Prior to writing paranormal books, I spent most of my days running a daycare and oddly enough, it was during this time that I discovered zombies. Or rather, the children introduced me to the nasty creatures.

At my house, instead of playing tag, they played zombie-tag. Instead of drawing rainbows and flowers, they created cutesy images of zombies getting blown away by pea-shooters. It was also during this time that my husband and oldest daughter introduced me to Plants vs. Zombies, which everyone knows is one of the most addicting games ever, and I am so anxiously awaiting the next one!

As all of this was happening, I started imagining what we’d do if there really was a zombie invasion and how on earth would my family survive? So, I started writing for fun, using my own children as the main characters, only making them teens dealing with average issues like crushes, prom, and homework, which shifted after the zombies arrived.

My oldest daughter, Cassie, the main heroine, is in karate, so I made her a Black belt with some gun knowledge; since my husband is a gun nut, it’s not too far-fetched. My youngest daughter, Allie, is a ballet dancer and so naïve and unprepared for boys- let alone dead ones wanting to do more than just ‘suck face’, that I just had to throw her into a situation of needing to be saved.

Anyway, it took me almost a year to write Zombie Games (Origins), and when it was finished, I decided to put it on Amazon and surprisingly, a lot of readers enjoyed it. I was totally blown away by all of the great reviews, which inspired me to keep writing.

Kristen Middleton Zombie GamesNow, I’m into my fifth zombie book in the Zombie Games series and am also helping Chrissy Peebles put together a zombie anthology called Darlings of Decay. This awesome book is going to feature some of the most popular female zombie writers and we are hoping to release next month.

The best news is that we are going to be offering it for FREE forever. There will be full-length stories, shorts, and excerpts, possibly making it the largest single zombie eBook to date. In fact, we are featuring so many authors that we might have to create two of these beauties. I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to get it out so that readers can discover new authors and rediscover some old ones. So, all of you zombie fanatics, watch for Darlings of Decay in July!

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