Max Booth III Introduces A Darker ‘Black’

What if the dead came back to life and began massacring everyone in town, and you had to witness it all from the sidelines? You couldn’t step in and help, you couldn’t defend yourself, you couldn’t do anything but sit around and wait.

Max Booth III BlackThese were my thoughts when I first began stabbing away at my novella, Black. I wanted to write a story about a man experiencing a zombie outbreak from the reflection of others. Kind of like what Max Brooks did in World War Z, but more present, more in-your-face. I wanted the killing to still be happening as my character was relayed this information.

So I thought, what better setting than a jail cell?

I made my character an outlaw in the old west and stuck him right in the center of a jail. But that wasn’t enough for me. I needed a reason for these zombies to rise. I wanted this abnormality to be directly related to my main character. And that’s how immortality came into play.

Imagine a man who cannot die, although he has no problem issuing such a fate to others. He has lived too long and he will continue to live. The Law has captured him, and they take plenty of joy in plugging his face full of bullets on a daily basis. They tell him, this is your new life. Get used to these bullets, to these blades. You’re going to be bleeding for all eternity, boy.

But then the Devil comes to collect this man, and he brings the dead along with him.

That’s Black in a nutshell.

Just released earlier in October by Hazardous Press, Black is my longest single story published to date. It was originally published in Eric S. Brown’s Welcome to Hell anthology, then later reprinted in my first short story collection, True Stories Told By a Liar. A year later I rewrote it and expanded the story, turning it into the beautiful gore-fest it now has become.

Next year in March, my debut novel Toxicity will be published by Post Mortem Press, and later on in September, Kraken Press will release my second novel, The Mind is a Razorblade. I already have two story collections currently available: the aforementioned True Stories Told By a Liar and also a flash fiction bizarro book, They Might Be Demons.

I am the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the assistant editor of Dark Moon Digest. I have edited several anthologies, including Zombies Need Love Too, Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories, So it Goes: a Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut, and Long Distance Drunks: a Tribute to Charles Bukowski. I have studied under Craig Clevenger and award winning editor, Jennifer Brozek.

I was born in Northern Indiana and now reside in San Antonio, TX with my dachshund and life partner. My writing/editing office is the front desk at the hotel where I work the nightshift. I am currently working on my third novel, The Catch-Lie People.

You can follow Max Booth III on Twitter @GiveMeYourTeeth, connect with him on Facebook, or visit him over at his website.