Is ‘World War Z’ The Best Zombie Apocalypse Movie Ever?

World War Z is the best zombie apocalypse movie ever.  Now I know what some people are going to say:  “But it was nothing  like the book!”  Now come on, we all knew that from the trailer so what’s the big deal?  I went into World War Z thinking of the movie and book as two totally different things and I’m glad I did.

Because I thought the movie was  99.9% perfect here are somethings I believe made this the best zombie movie so far:

  1. There was hardly any gore.  As someone who has seen many zombie flicks, I didn’t find myself missing the gore that often turns zombie flicks into cheap B-movies. I also believe this made the movie appealing to a larger audience. The lack of gore keeps the film straddling the line between horror and high action film.
  2. World War Z features smart talk. Unlike in so many other zombie films, this one features more than just bashing zombies brains in and shooting them in the head ( although these things do happen in the story). You witness the military and the UN discussing ways to stop the spread of the horrific  “zombie” outbreak. The conversations weren’t extremely long to the point of risking boredom and they were completely understandable. I found it extremely refreshing and totally different from the constant “what do we now?” talk  from random survivors.
  3. Its scariness makes it real. The biggest plus for me is that the movie doesn’t rely in over the top violence to make it scary. The violence appears very real and the real terror is in the horrific way the zombies are created and operate.
  4. The zombies are really scary.  The zombies are no slow, clumsy oafs like in the beloved The Walking Dead. These zombies run and even coordinate to get to their desired targets. Making them more like rabid animals pays off in spades because  it makes them completely unpredictable. A horde of fast moving, rabid zombies is so much more frightening than the ones that just go lumbering  along. This movie only confirmed what I already knew, I’d never make it through a zombie apocalypse no matter how hard  I planned.
  5. Amazing action sequences. The action sequences didn’t over extend themselves and they really kept my heart pounding. The CGI was excellent and managed to keep the hordes of zombies still resembling people… really ugly, fast moving, rabid people.
  6. A+ acting. Brad Pitt lead a great cast. The children in the film acted so well and everyone was believable in their role.
  7. Grade A 3D. The 3D was really top notch. It totally threw the terror right in my face and made the action scenes way more intense.  I was literally on the edge of my seat at times.

Overall: For me World War Z was pretty  flawless. The movie was smart, action packed, scary and most terrifyingly…  relatable!


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