Oh How Zombies Have Evolved!

From West African and Haitian folklore to a bonafide cultural phenomenon, zombies have come along way. They used to be the spellbound and shuffling living, but during the past century, they have mutated into the walking and running undead. They’ve gone from harmless peons to menacing hordes with an apparently unfulfillable hunger for human flesh and an appetite for destruction. Their evolution did not follow a linear path, however, and if you’ve ever found yourself tracing a line from Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead up through 28 Days Later and World War Z, then you might find this boiled-down zombie timeline useful!

The Evolution of Zombies

Oh How Zombies Have Evolved

Quite a read! Now that zombies have finally won the battle against obscurity and taken over pop culture, what transformation do you think is next for the undead?