Ploughshares Into swords Time For KA-BAR’s War

KA-BAR war

Following on from the Death Dagger and the Famine Tanto I bring to you KA-BAR’s rendering of the formidable tool of the bloody-handed god, rider of the red horse War.

In fitting fashion, the KA-BAR War Sword, whilst being more of a big knife than a short sword, to my mind (the line is often hotly debated by blade enthusiasts) its lines harken to the ancient Greek Kopis swords, which featured a heavy forward sweeping, zombie skull and limb chopping head to the blade.

I really like how this blade feels in the hand, combining a hefty but not heavy slashing and cutting blade, with a tip capable of stabbing. It certainly feels lively in the hand, as if it were willing slashes and strikes. It goes into my “back of the hip” carry slot, in the event of Zombie Apocalypse, because it just suits my needs like that.

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