QED Acquires Concept For ’19’, A Pitch Stolen From H.E. Goodhue

Update – H.E. Goodhue responds at Buy Zombie: Will 19 be the start of an amazing zombie trilogy? Too Bad It’s A “Borrowed” Idea

Bill Block, the founder and CEO of QED International (District 9, Elysium), recently made a preemptive acquisition of 19, a pitch that will be written by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller. QED International, a leading motion picture financing, and production company intends to produce a new zombie trilogy.

QED International Zombie Movie 19

The upcoming movie will feature a post apocalyptic world, where only kids under the age of 19 remain.

See, all the adults will be transformed into the walking dead (hmmm, this sounds familiar).

According to Deadline.com:

The film will be produced by Film 360 and Wonderland Sound and Vision. The producers also are looking to reverse engineer the 19 idea into a series of books. Attached to direct is Jeff Chan, who got signed by Management 360, ICM Partners and attorney Karl Austen after he made a Call of Duty short film.

The scribes are repped by Paradigm and Industry. QED’s Nick Reimond brought it in. QED’s next film is Fury, the David Ayer-directed WWII tank drama starring Brad Pitt.

Sounds great, but I have to call BS! This concept has already been written by H.E. Goodhue, and published by Severed Press. Zombie Youth is a trilogy about a group of students that are left trapped in their school as the adults they once relied upon suffer strange symptoms and die, only to return and feed…

I wonder will H.E. Goodhue get any credit for his trilogy being made into a movie?

Or course not, here’s another classic example of the rich getting richer, while the rest of us get screwed over and out…