Review: I Am ‘The Remaining’ – To Rescue And Rebuild

The Remaining is a story Captain Lee Harden, one of 48 coordinators, who is placed in a bunker every time there is a potential for a ‘life as we know it’ altering event.

D.J. Molles The RemainingIn The Remaining, Lee and his dog Tango have been in the bunker before – after 9/11 and after the Japan earthquakes and nuclear meltdown… The bunker is a nice place – fully stocked with all the comforts of home and everything that he would need to survive.

Every day, his superior officer checks in and tells him what is going on ‘upstairs’. If the check in is missed, after 48 hrs, then he is to open the ‘mission box’ and follow the instructions after an additional 30 days in lock down.

The author really builds the tension in the first part of the book – I actually was feeling claustrophobic and stopped reading to take the dogs outside for a while because the walls were closing in after his officer missed the check in and Lee started feeling anxious as well.

Lee must now fulfill his mission of connecting with survivors to rebuild and restore the nation but of course, that never goes as planned. No more details because those would be spoiler alerts but I will say that Lee isn’t the super solider that you would expect in this type of book – he makes mistakes, things do not go smoothly, and I am ready to see what happens in the next book of the series…

The Remaining is not a ‘zombie’ book per say – living breathing running people who have been attacked by a virus that turns them crazy and violent and they can still use tools. And, of course, we have the raiders, the idiots, the rapists, and all the crazy ‘non-infected’ that come crawling out like cockroaches to add to the excitement.

Now if only Lee had followed the rules…. Outstanding job D.J.!

  • Audiobiliophile

    Zombie enough for me 🙂
    The audiobook was amazing!