Page Turning Excitement with ‘The Coalition Part 1: The State of Extinction’

The Coalition Part 1: The State of Extinction is the first release in an exciting three-part zombie series written by Robert Mathis Kurtz. If anyone is looking for page-turning excitement, this is the trilogy to read. As the first book in this exciting series, The Coalition Part 1: The State of Extinction introduces readers to the world masterfully created by the author. In this world, 99% of the entire population has already been infected by zombies, and this means that the Earth has been taken over by the living dead. Check out this review written on Amazon:

The Coalition Part 1: The State of Extinction

I bought this with low expectations and was truly surprised to find a well written short novel. The writer goes for a classic zombie story, the dead are flesh eating, deceptively slow moving, and brainlessly angry. And they are also everywhere. What is new in this story is that it goes for a realistic approach, what would happen if 99% of the population turns into walking dead people? Well it wouldn’t be pretty.

From the beginning the writer describes a realistic setting (assuming a world full of zombies) where survival is almost impossible on a day to day basis. Kurtz is really good writing oppressive action scenes, in fact most of the story is one action scene after another, and it does not get old.

I had just finished reading Yesterday’s Gone (season 2) which I enjoyed, and was feeling like reading another post-apocalyptic story. There are similarities but this book is actually better written, even if there is a slight lack of character depth. I can’t wait for the next installment, although this story is either going to be 10 books or the writer is going to have to pick up the pace in the main story line. He is so good writing one “I can’t believe I am alive after this” scene after another, you forget to think about anything else.

Now I do have to mention a little detail that bothered me from the start. Every character is physically described in detail except for the main character. We only know he is legally blind in one eye and has a bad knee. We don’t really know his age (from his background we can maybe assume he is in his thirties) or how he looks. This would be fine if not for the detailed description of the rest of the characters.

We also get a full background story of most of them, but only know that he is separated/getting a divorce, and had an 8 year old girl. His grief for her loss is reduced to a phrase where he tells us that when he pictures her face he tries to bury the thought. I don’t know … it is obviously a conscious choice since the writer does has the resources to explain his emotional state a little better.

An Identifiable Hero

As a reader, I was immediately able to identify with Ron Cutter, the protagonist in the story. I couldn’t even imagine waking up to a world that has been taken over by zombies, but the book was so masterfully written that you really get to put yourself in Ron Cutter’s shoes. In the book, you get to imagine what it would be like to have the world, as you know it, change before your eyes.

The situation that Ron Cutter finds himself in is something that nobody would wish for, but the bravery and the perseverance that he shows throughout the book is something that’s truly admirable. It’s amazing the way Ron Cutter fights it out until the end, accepting his lot and just battling it out no matter how hard it is to fight the undead.

Reading The Coalition Part 1: The State of Extinction, it was easy to identify with the emotions that Ron Cutter was going through. There’s a point in the book wherein his humanity slowly fades away, and this is also the point when he encounters a woman and a lost boy – not undead but alive just like him.

Never-Ending Action

Another aspect that makes this book exciting is the fact that the action never really ends. It’s page-turning from beginning to end, and Kurtz plays it perfectly well. As a reader, I got really glued from the first page to the last, and this is why The State of Extinction is such a great book. The thrill of reading the story is what makes zombie tales so exciting to follow, and The Coalition Part 1: The State of Extinction does not disappoint in this regard.

More, More, More!

Aside from having never-ending action that readers want to follow from start to finish, the adventures
of Ron Cutter are just so compelling that you would want to know what happens next. At every turn of the page, you’d want to know how things turn out and whether or not Ron’s latest efforts in fighting the zombie population actually work.

Due to the fact that from the beginning of the tale, readers already feel for Ron and how his story turns out, people really want to know what’s going to happen next. The fact that it’s the first book of a trilogy also makes it even more exciting. It’s no wonder why a lot of people think highly of this book.

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