Review: Surviving ‘Contaminated: A Zombie Survival Novel’

Suzanne Robb is one of the most refreshing and exciting voices in the world of science fiction and horror.

Zombie tales have always appealed to a lot of people, and the reason for this, is that along with tales of the undead, there’s a lot of suspense that keeps people at the edge of their seats. Contaminated: A Zombie Survival Novel proves that Suzanne Robb is indeed a voice to be reckoned with in the world of horror. Reading the novel was such a treat for me because of how the story was written. This is not just your average zombie tale with flesh-eating creatures trying to kill every human being they come across with. Contaminated: A Zombie Survival Novel

Suzanne Robb skillfully adds layers of complication to the tale, and this is why it’s so exciting to read.

What I love about Contaminated: A Zombie Survival Novel is that Suzanne Robb writes it so well. Her writing is tight and fast-paced from start to finish, and this is why as a reader I was so attuned to how the story of Dr. Arthur Covington plays out.

The novel opens with the discovery that Dr. Arthur Covington holds the key to the future of humankind. This sets the pace of the entire novel, because with this opening alone, the mystery already sets in. For the entire novel, Dr. Arthur Covington tries to unravel the mystery of who to trust and how to escape the high-tech facility that he’s trapped in.

With explosions and viral agents in the picture, the tale becomes even more exciting. This is what makes Contaminated: A Zombie Survival Novel such a great read. Even without the zombies there, the tale in itself is exciting and well crafted—the zombies are just a bonus.

The zombies of course are such a welcome treat because they wonderfully add to the excitement and suspense. The story itself is already written in a suspenseful manner, especially because the only thing keeping Dr. Arthur Covington from being contaminated by the living dead is the gas mask that he has on his face.

Imagine fighting not only the treachery of the facility but also the walking dead coming from all corners. The world as Dr. Arthur Covington knows it is being contaminated, and people are turning into zombies.

With the gas mask, Dr. Arthur Covington remains uncontaminated, but the question is always—until when this will last?

Another factor that makes this novel a great read is that Dr. Arthur Covington has to fight not only the dead but the living as well.

Zombie stories that are full of the walking dead are common, but this novel’s unique and even more exciting because of the added layer of not knowing who to trust among the humans that have been left behind. This makes it a masterful suspense tale’ it’s more than just a science fiction that centers on the living dead.

Suzanne Robb succeeds in this arena, and without giving too many spoilers, this is exactly what made Contaminated: A Zombie Survival Novel such a joy to read.