The Action Continues With ‘The Coalition Part 2: The Lord Of The Living’

The best thing about trilogies is that the reader is allowed to remain in the world created by the author for a longer period than just one book. The reader’s journey with the author is not constrained to one book alone, and this same thing applies to The Coalition. I first encountered the world of the living dead created by Robert Mathis Kurtz in the first book of The Coalition series. The action in The Coalition Part 2: Lord of the Living picks up two years after the first zombie apocalypse, but the events are just as exciting. It’s easier to appreciate a sequel like The Lord of the Living when you take it as a part of the whole, in this case, the entire zombie trilogy written by Robert Mathis Kurtz. Needless to say, I enjoyed the book immensely.

The Coalition Part 2: The Lord of the Living

Two years after the zombie apocalypse and Ron Cutter is no longer alone. He has found a wife, and together they have taken in an orphan boy who has become their son.

The undead still roam the wreckage of Charlotte North Carolina where Ron, Jean, and Oliver have carved out a home in the shattered towers. And, now, the living are beginning to claw their way back to the top of the heap.

But strange times have a way of becoming even stranger…

Momentary Respite

I think part of why I enjoyed the book so much is because I was so hooked on the first one and I wanted to find out what happens next. In the first book, I immediately identified with Ron Cutter, zombie-fighting extraordinaire, and like most well written characters, I was really concerned about what would happen to him. The Lord of the Living gives a momentary respite from Ron Cutter’s world, which in the first book was really taken over by the undead. This is because he has found living companions in this journey of his – a wife and a lost boy who has become their son. Forming this family in the midst of all the chaos and hopelessness that surrounds them is what makes this book so appealing. Even if this is a zombie tale, the concepts of love and family still manage to tug at the reader’s heartstrings.

It Doesn’t Stop

But even as Ron Cutter is able to form a new family with Jean and Oliver, the action doesn’t stop. This is still, at the very core, a thrilling tale about how a brave man deals with the zombie apocalypse, and Robert Mathis Kurtz does not disappoint in sustaining the action all throughout. Of course the dynamics is different here because Ron Cutter is no longer alone, and when he fights the living dead he fights it with the living – in this case, his wife and son. This provides a whole new angle to the story and keeps it interesting.

Living Amidst Chaos

As the action continued to unfold, I think what I found most appealing with this book is that Ron Cutter has truly found a way to live amidst the chaos. In the first book, he was simply battling it out with the zombies that were taking over the world. But in the second book, he has managed to carve a home from the ruins of the world he once knew, and you actually believe that he is indeed happy. This means that in the second book, it’s no longer just his sheer bravado and battle skills that give him the ability to survive. A big part of it is the family and the love that he has managed to find amidst the chaos.

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