Review: The Ka-Bar Zomstro Cleaver & Zombie Pruning Tool

Last November I watched an episode of Zombie Go Boom, where they introduced a new brand new Machete from K-Bar. The
Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper
is a little different than your average run of the mill machete. For starters, it’s a Zombie Killer (ZK), part of a series of knives from Ka-bar. The ZK line has been around since 2011, and is designed to protect without fail in any engagement, anything from dispatching sentries, trailblazing through dense vegetation, or decapitating the living dead.

Secondly, it’s made in the United States by Ka-bar, enough said! During the episode I watched Joe Bradley, practically cut a Zombie’s head in half.

It didn’t take much for me to fall in love with the Zomstro. I knew I had to have it; unfortunately the Zomstro Cleaver wasn’t in production yet. So I impatiently waited for its release…

Here it is almost 7 months later and I’m finally reviewing the Ka-Bar Zombie Killing (ZK) Tactical Cleaver Zomstro.

Ka-Bar Zomstro CleaverThe Unveiling

Upon opening the Ka-Bar box I was truly amazed with the volume of accessories that accompanied the blade. The first thing that captured my attention was the black sheath, with its radioactive green cord.  As a bonus the sheath houses Ka-Bar’s Acheron Skeletonized Knife, in a small pouch on the side. There’s also a Zombie Knife patch and some para-cord.

After taking a few moments to bring my heart rate down, I pulled out the Zomstro, and instantly felt like a Zombie killing machine.

To be honest, I don’t really know how to classify this blade. Cleaver/Machete/Z-day chopper, no matter this thing reeks of dead Zombies (or Humans who attempt to steal my S#!%). The Zomstro has a strange shape, with a fanged pick on the end of the handle. The blade is designed to be front heavy, and the cutting edge isn’t fully in-line with the handle.

The Zomstro Cleaver is 15 3/8” overall with a 10 1/8” black 1095 Cro-Van steel blade, with lashing hole. It’s hardened to 56-58 HRC, has a full tang with pick tool pommel. It has a toxic green GFN-PA66 handle, with an additional, set of interchangeable black handles for those that are not fans of the color.

The Blade

The Zomstro is a HUGE chunk of metal. It weighs 26 ounces, and has a 9.25 inch cutting edge. Right out the box the blade was not as sharp as other Ka-bar blades, but the factory edge is still functional. The material is 1096 Cro-van of good quality and fairly easy to sharpen.

The shape of the blade truly separates it from other cleavers for lack of a better word it reminds me of a guillotine.  

When I fully extend my arm holding the blade, the “point” falls level to my elbow. While the blade is designed as a cleaver I could easily stab if needed, with adequate penetration of the tip into an eye socket of an unsuspecting Zombie. The Zomstro bites deep and clean with minimal force, a true testament to the quality of the design.

After twenty or so minutes of serious yard work; I was surprised to note that the blade maintained shape, without any bend or warp.

Ka-Bar Zomstro Cleaver Blade

Not bad at all…

In conclusion, the Zomstro sales for $172.12 on the Ka-bar website. While the price is more on the expensive side, I found it to be well worth the price. From my years of service and multiple deployments, I’ll gladly pay the price for a decent, well-crafted, and reliable blade.

But for those who find this a little excessive; I found a bargain for you on Think Geek. They have the
Zomstro for $129.99
. If you prefer Amazon, they have it for $128.99.

This is truly a high quality US made product, and Ka-bas has a long history of producing outstanding products. I can honestly say that the Zomstro Cleaver upheld their reputation.

Images courtesy of The Martialist.

  • Update: This item is now on Amazon for $120.96, by far the best price that I’ve found so far. http://amzn.to/10dNXlN

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