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Coalition of the Damned (Monster Squad) (Volume 3)


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When creatures of the night proved to be real, the best of America’s military came together to form an elite band of rapid response teams. Their mission: to face the challenge and keep the civilian populace safe from any who would do harm and hide all evidence of their existence. Now, the teams face a threat so overwhelming that they are left with no choice but to turn to the very monsters they’ve hunted in the past to assist them in protecting humanity. As a dark storm brews on the horizon and the teams scramble to enlist the aid of those who will answer the call, they also find themselves being uprooted from the security of the facility they call home and transplanted into the middle of the Nevada desert, all in an effort to draw the evil to them and away from civilians. The teams prepare for a showdown with the darkest of creatures and an army of undead with the very existence of humanity hanging in the balance…

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