The Most Uncommon Cold II: Surviving in the Time of Zombies


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The zombie apocalypse continues…

I did the first thing that came to my mind, and that was to kick the shell in the head

as hard as I could. Although there was an audible snap, the head moved very little. The

putrid undead thing continued trying to grab hold of me, but I managed to evade its hands and keep kicking.

At the same moment I heard a squish sound and saw blood start pouring from the head

on to the yellowish tile floor, Lawrence was standing next to me. He had his gun out and pointed at the stairs. The sound of shells slowly grew louder.

And just like that the wave of bodies began pouring down the stairs.

Don’t miss the second entry in this intriguing zombie apocalypse series-

The Most Uncommon Cold II: Surviving in the Time of Zombies

“And, unlike a number of zombie novels on the market, Mr. Littorno avoids formulaic cliches with well-designed plot twists. One never knows quite what to expect, and keeps the reader engaged…enthralled, even.” — Merry Widow, Amazon critic

“Mr Littomo has a knack of making the reader feel like he is standing right beside Kevin as he fights to understand the ‘uncommon cold’ and it’s effect on the world.” 5Rivers Jim, Amazon critic

“Mr Littorno grabs a hold of the reader and doesn’t let go. Just like the zombies……” — Arnold1, Amazon critic

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