Surviving the Not-Dead Undead by Brandon Lowery

This is a guest post written by Brandon Lowery, author of Surviving The Not-Dead Undead.

What if I told you zombies would not be undead?

What if the real zombie outbreak was a virus that slowly turned people into zombies?  Heresy, you say! Yes, I know, you are probably thinking terrible curses towards me, but hear me out. Shouldn’t we also be prepared for this scenario?

This was the reason behind writing Surviving the Not-Dead Undead.  I wanted to write a beginner’s guide to surviving zombies because a real zombie poses a different threat than an undead zombie.  This led me to what I call the Not-Dead Undead Hypothesis; the idea that zombies will be living people rather than the dead.  I thought about how this might play out and how dealing with a not-dead undead zombie is much more difficult to deal with in terms of survival.  For example, if we were dealing with a not-dead undead, a newly infected person may not show symptoms for weeks and possibly be spreading the virus to the uninfected.   The nice thing about the zombies in the movies is it’s easy to tell humans from zombies. My concept was that by the virus being slow acting; it could spread without being noticed.   Once symptoms began to show, the infected would slowly turn..

I’m sure many of you have your ammo stock pile and bug out bag ready to go.  However, if we are dealing with something viral, you might want to rethink that machete.  You’ll only infect yourself the moment blood splatters in your face.  And then I might have to shoot you. So the question is if you are ready for a quarantine?

Running around the streets is a no-go, if you have to though, do it naked. At least you’ll be that crazy naked zombie everybody talks about.  Now you may have to bug out, but that might be your last resort.  And if you think it will be easy hanging at tu casa, you are sorely wrong.  How long do you think your water and lights will stay on? If you don’t have resources now, then you are pretty screwed.

We have to consider that the zombie apocalypse might be somewhere between a biological outbreak and something like The Walking Dead.  It won’t be a gun-blazing scenario; though it may come to that. If so, I recommend Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory playing in the background. We have to get out of this “Everyman for himself, shoot’em up scenario”, because what we are talking about here is much worse. Who is friend, who is foe? Who is infected, who is not? Can you survive a quarantine and keep your family safe, your community? There are many things to consider, which I address in the book like: What defines the not-dead undead, What is the carrier, What should you expect from the government, How to survive the quarantine, how to bug out. I wish you the best of luck and hope my book helps you prepare.

Above all remember: The best survival strategy in the zombie apocalypse, is to never be seen!

Here’s a sample from:Surviving The Not-Dead Undead