Surviving the Living: It’s not Over Book 2

Gary and Alyce had been on vacation when the zombie apocalypse began.

The little beach town of Cape May turned from paradise to hell. They managed to survive when Cape May was overrun by the hordes of the undead. They barely escaped and made it back home to Pennsylvania. Within days the world they knew was crumbling around them. Life as they knew it ceased to exist. Life now was no longer having nice things, watching your favorite TV show, or deciding what to have for dinner. Life was now a matter of just surviving the day.

With the evils of what was now the world closing in on them, they made one final effort to survive. Remembering an old isolated family hunting cabin in the mountains of Butler County, Gary and his group made it to the cabin where they had hoped the approaching cold Pennsylvania winter would destroy the undead creatures roaming their world. If they could just survive the dead, they hoped the spring would find the world starting to return back to normal, or as close as possible to normal.

They thought all they had to do was survive the dead and make it to the spring. Life doesn’t always work out like you plan. Before they could survive the dead, they had to survive the living.