The Dead Are Rising, But I’m Stuck At The Office!

Most of us have to be somewhere away from home most days for one reason or another. Work, school, on tour with The Russian Ballet, whatever. It occurs to me over and over that, much like the titular character in Shaun of the Dead, odds-are we will be traveling to and fro, or sitting at a desk, standing in line, something other than being at home, when we start to see the signs.  Ambulances, Police, Firetrucks. Maybe you might even catch a glimpse and laugh to yourself about the wasted looking losers or the skanky homeless people being out in force when you’ve actually just noticed that the dead are rising.

The point is, you may well be away from your stash of MRE’s, your bristling armory and bunker.

You may find yourself separated from loved ones as they are off doing the same as you. Kids at school, partners at their jobs, or out. You are often away from your home-front.

Here’s some thoughts I have had on the matter….

Where will YOU be when the dead are rising?