‘The Walking Dead: Episode 4’ Game Review

Beware of the walking dead lurking around every corner!

This statement may probably have you recoiling instantly and calming down equally fast upon realizing the obvious allusion. That’s right, the reference is for Telltales‘ The Walking Dead: Episode 4, entitled Around Every Corner, that promises more chills, thrills, and blood spills than ever before. Tread on for a brief review – carefully.

The Plot

The story sees the motley team of mortals – led by the plucky Lee Everett – arrive at Savannah city to hunt for the elusive ship that would transport them away from the marauding zombies. The team of mortals notably includes Lee’s ingenuous dependent Clementine, original survivor Kenny from the previous episodes, and school boy Ben. Moreover, fresh characters emerge in this new adventure adding their own personal dynamics into the mix.

Overall, the essential premise and mission remains unaltered. Together the team has to battle the walking dead, combat their inner psychological demons in the process, locate the savior ship and – most importantly – stay alive.

The Gaming Facets     

  • The Walking Dead: Episode 4 incorporates bright, high-quality, and imaginative visuals to create an immersive playing experience. The various gaming environments feature life-like graphics and sound effects that elevate the enjoyment level. The character voiceovers, especially of the leads, are exceedingly resonant and possess the right amount of inherent sentiments. However, some variances between lip movements and outputted speech are observed.
  • Non-stop action is the hallmark of this episode with a constant stream of gunfights, hackings, and fisticuffs as well as a profuse use of other weaponry. The zombie attacks are truly relentless keeping you on your toes and actively engaged throughout the proceedings. To aid player functionality, this episode features many more attack controls that involve the single push of a console button.
  • Episode 4 is a multi-layered game featuring several settings and sub-plots involving the numerous characters. At times the abundance of game characters does tend to vitiate the story flow. Nonetheless, the game will have you straining your grey cells in order to contemplate your (and the characters’) next move.
  • While the goings-on are enthralling and gripping, there are minor narrative issues. In the previous episodes, more emphasis was given to character development and their innate emotional quotients. This time around there is a discernible lack of character growth impairing your empathy for the various players. Further there are some situations and character actions that are unexplained leading to player unease. This episode also contains some settings that are irrelevant, protracted, and needlessly depart from the fundamental script.

Product Details

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 is created by Telltale Games, inherently costs $5, and comes with a viewer age rating of 18. The game can be played on Xbox 360 and PlayStation platform as also on PC and Macintosh systems.


The Walking Dead: Episode 4 is an appealing game that is elevated into the “must-play” league due to action-packed content and its exhilarating finale. Hence, despite its slight shortcomings, the game is highly recommended.