‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3: First Look

The dead will rise on October 12th 2012 in your television screen. Yes, The Walking Dead, the acclaimed zombie-apocalypse television series is going to be back for a third season . Expectations have been riding high on this season ever since its official announcement. So, let’s quickly check out some trivia about the upcoming season, but, before that let’s take a quick recap of The Walking Dead season 2 climax.

First Look At The Walking Dead Season 3


Rick, who learns the fact that Shane was responsible for Randall’s death gets frustrated and tries to choke him to death. Shane quickly tries to escape this by trying to shoot Rick, but in vain. And after a couple of minutes, Shane reappears as a walker and is killed by Carl. The gunshot invokes a group of walkers who approach the surviving group fast. Rick and Carl decide to drive the walkers inside the barn and trick them. With walkers inside the barn and the survivors outside, Rick decides to set the barn ablaze and kill the walkers.

But, amidst the battle, RV is nowhere to be found, Patricia and Jimmy get killed and Andrea is marooned (she is then escorted to safety by an anonymous woman and a group of handless walkers). Now, the surviving team comprising of Rick, Carl, Glenn, Daryll, Maggie and a few others reunite on a freeway. But unfortunately due to insufficient gasoline, the group decides to take refuge by camping alongside the freeway.

Strong conversations arise, questioning about Rick’s role as a leader to which he responds that, he didn’t wanted this and was leading the group under compulsion and even added that he was even forced to execute his best friend for the team. He then confesses to the group what Dr. Jenner had told him. The camera then shows up a large prison from where it slowly zooms out and the season ends.

The Next Adventure Begins:

The last episode of the previous season came as a shocker to most of us with the death of Shane and the entry of an anonymous woman. Our minds have become tired of linking each concept and speculating them. So, we have come up with a compilation of some of the updates and info that have been spreading over the internet so far. So, here goes.


The series has been codenamed as Prison and is believed that most of the episodes will revolve around with prison as prime location. But, the story behind the origin of the prison still remains unknown. The prison is also the place where the group takes refuge for the longest period in all the seasons – for about 7 months. So, it’s obvious that every untold secrets and further revelations will unfold here.

The Mysterious Anonymous Woman:

If you have read The Walking Dead comic book series, you would have figured out who she is by now. Yes, it’s the entry of Michonne. She made her entry with a hooded outfit with two chained-handless walkers behind. Chances are that, she can be a walker-slayer who runs the prison and the prison may be even filled with large group of walkers, slewed by Michonne. So, what will she do to Andrea? Will she kill her as soon as the episode begins? Or, does the director have something else to tell? Well, the answer is simple; this series has retained the originality of every comic character in the show, so, it is difficult to deduce as to what can actually happen in this season.

Concepts Revolving Around Rick And Andrea:

What is clear from the previous seasons of The Walking Dead is the evolution of the darker side of Rick. From a courteous man, this series has invoked the darker side lying beneath his heart. Now, the only question that lurks in front of us is whether he will revive the innocence and humanity that has been buried or will the darker side continue to creep upwards!

And as for Andrea, sources reveal that the crew behind this series has kept something exciting for Andrea. Moreover, one of the spokesperson has also stated that there are going to be many surprises in the third season that were not shown in season 2 finale or in the promos. We just have to find out what it is!

The Inclusion Of The Governor:

This season will air with the inclusion of two more new characters apart from Michonne – The Governor (played by David Morrissey) and his assistant Milton (played by Dallas Roberts, this character does not exist in the book). The book depicts governor as an extreme antagonist. So, what harm can he pose to Rick and the group? Again the cliché!

Final Words:

The Walking Dead series has taken a lot of twists and turns throughout and has always offered us with those spine-chilling moments. Unexpected kills, good-turning-bad and never ending army of zombies are some of the driving factors of this series. Thus, we can expect this season as well to promise some fireworks on our TV screens. With abated breathe, let’s start the countdown!