Three Titans Of Zombie Fiction Collaborate On Six Part Novella: ‘The Retreat’

THE RETREAT by Craig DiLouie I want to start by offering my apologies, as it seems that I slept through the release of: The Retreat Episode #1: Pandemic.

The first episode, in a six-part novella by Craig Dilouie, Joe McKinney, and Stephen Knight three titans of Post Apocalyptic and Zombie Fiction.

Here’s the synopsis:

As a new disease turns people into sadistic, laughing killers, in Boston, a battalion of light infantry struggles to maintain order. As the numbers of infected grow, the battalion loses control, and the soldiers find themselves fighting for their lives against the very people they once swore an oath to protect.

During the ensuing collapse, the lost battalion learns the Army is still holding out in Florida, which has been cleared of the Infected. Harry Lee, its commander, decides the only hope for his men is to get there. But first they must cross more than a thousand miles of America that has been turned into a war zone, fighting a fearless, implacable and merciless enemy.

It’s been a few years since I read Tooth and Nail, and I’ve been begging Craig to continue the story. Well, it took some time, and several bribes, but now I’m sitting in my favorite chair reading a new e-book which is a toxic mix of Tooth and Nail, Dead City, and The Gathering Dead!

The Retreat: #1 Pandemic available on Kindle for $2.99!