The Top 10 Items In My Bug-Out-Bag

So, it’s come. The day we’ve all dreaded or yearned for has arrived. Hopefully you have a plan, and you are equipped! I thought I would give you a little taste of what I have stowed in my bug-out-bag for just that day.

When building a bug-out-bag, I wanted to keep in mind that I might never know when it was going to be needed, where I might be, or what exactly the nature of the threat might be. Obviously, the most fun to prepare for is the collapse of society due to zombie outbreak!

I have a really good pack as my Bug-Out-Bag: it is my every-day traveling companion, and has served me well. I have many more than 10 items in my pack, but when I stopped to think about which were the “Top 10” items I came up with the following list. Bear in mind that I live in Australia, where we have some pretty strict laws about weapons, so you might feel that you can get away with more offensive capability in yours, but I’m skating the Law with mine … you’ll see it when you get to it …

1) SnowLizard SLXtreme iPhone case I want to be able to keep my phone charged and safe on the go, not only for comms whilst the cellular networks are still up, but also for the plethora of apps I have loaded up.  This is a tough-assed case, with built in solar cell and battery capability.

Snow Lizard SLXTreme 4

2) DeadOn Annihilator superhammer This is the dodgiest item in my EDC, the most likely for an everyday LEO to pull me up and ask what my “legitimate purpose” is. The Annihilator is a wrecking tool, which I ostensibly carry for emergency and rescue purposes, but this isn’t my every-day profession, its just me being over-eager to be prepped. Its a pretty damn serious piece of steel, which I have put to good use in the past.


3) Long life, high energy food is essential in any bug-out-bag. You have no idea how long you may need it just to sit there, waiting, but when you need to stay focused, fit and ready to face off either a long, stressful run, or if you find yourself holed up for a while, having some emergency rations packed away can be a real boost.

4) 1L/32oz Nalgene bottle Hydration on the go is a really important element to any survival plan. I have several bladders, which fit my pack, but a bottle is a more convenient EDC means. My bladders are more for a SHTF situation when I am planning to kit up. I strap my bottle to my pack with one of these.


5) Ecofuture Aqua-Prove  Contaminated water is a big risk, especially if you aren’t certain that there might not be a zombie floating in it somewhere upstream (want to take the risk that a biters waterborne -drool isn’t infectious?), I keep a bottle of this ready to use anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasite ClO2 agent in my pack just in case. Even if it’s not zombie contamination you’re avoiding, ever try running, fighting or climbing with a case of gastro?

6) Wire Saw A very simple yet very effective branch, bone, rope and cable cutter, the scored wire saw packs some serious bite for an almost negligible weight and bulk. I’ve used mine to clear a path for an State Emergency Service truck to make it through a gap where a low hanging limb of a tree blocked passage.pocket-wire-saw

7) HeadOver Part scarf, part hat, part balaclava the headsock style tube does a couple of important things for you in the event of zombie apocalypse: it acts as a splatter filter (reducing the chances of getting potentially infectious globs of dispatched undead n your airways) but also for urban wasteland smoke, and adds some needed exposure protection for your neck and face.

8) First Aid Kit Assume you are on your own, assume there will be no EMT coming to bandage you when you bust through a pile of crashed cars, climb through a broken window or whatever. Even something as simple as being able to offer minor aid to someone you come across can earn you big kudos. I have two, in fact, a generic one, and one more trauma based.

9) Lazerbrite LED glowstick These things are great. Two sets of long-life LED illumination, low/high/blink settings, water and shock proof, with no fire starting flames and a variety of configuration options, I like that I can have these on hand for any night-time, underground or indoors lighting, especially if the power has gone out or is fluctuating.

10) Gerber & Bear Grylls Survival Kit Laugh if you like, but this is a very good little set of survival needfuls, something I am certain would come in especially handy in the event of the dead rising, or any other society tumbling event for that matter. This might be cheating a little, being a kit-within-a-kit, but I’m sticking to it.


So there you have it, my top ten items for my zombie EDC bug-out-bag.

Although, an honorable mention should go to Paracord….

If you felt like seeing a more comprehensive list of what is in my EDC bag, have a look here…

For all you folks in places where you can lay your hands on firearms, here are my top three favourite zombie apocalypse shooters, based on my understanding of function, availability and performance. Don’t hate me if you disagree, I know its contentious, but if the Matrix Gun Room opened up in front of me, this is what I would pick up, and why:

Beretta M9: High capacity pistol, good service history and distribution. Put a suppressor on it!

Benelli M4: High capacity, light and durable shotgun. Can mount accessories on its rails.

FN-SCAR: my personal choice in most situations would be the H variant, for more stand-off and higher caliber, but for zombies I suppose the L variant would suffice. Again, put a suppressor on it!