When Will They Escape Terminus? By Episode ___?

There are plenty of fan theories out there about how Rick Grimes and company will escape from Terminus on The Walking Dead Season 5, but when will they do it?


Filming spoilers and speculation ahead!

Andrew J. West, who plays Gareth, was made a series regular, so we figured it wasn’t going to be a quick one-and-done situation in terms of a fast Terminus break. But there have been filming spoilers at Terminus mentioning explosions, charred bodies, and even Carol Peletier looking at Terminus from the fence.And that all came out in the first week or two of filming. We guessed the charred bodies, and maybe the explosions too, were tied to a flashback Terminus origin story. That could still be right, but maybe it’s connected to getting free. Will it really only take them one episode to get out? Did they just need The Ricktator to make it happen, or the combined powers of Rick’s group and Carol and Tyreese?

Maybe there is a tiny time jump after all, and we skip the early period — a few days? a week? — and cut to the big break-out, which includes Carol, Tyreese, and presumably baby Judith? When we last saw them in Season 4, Episode 14, Tyreese figured they were just a few days away from Terminus.

The latest filming spoilers from The Spoiling Dead Fans suggest Rick, Daryl Dixon and several members of the Team Prison Terminus group were involved in action filmed last night in Senoia, Georgia — along with Carol and Tyreese.

There was even some kind of car chase scene, and today (Friday, May 23) there’s reportedly some filming at a house in Griffin, GA, that Rick and Daryl may go in to clear. Some fans think that might be connected to the Beth Greene storyline, if she’s in that house, with or without a TV version of Gabriel Stokes.

They should still be shooting the second episode. Yeah, Chandler Riggs’s dad said the first two eps would blow our pants off, but we didn’t think this much would be happening! Are they filming scenes for later episodes, in addition to the first two in order? Are there flashbacks and flash-forwards involved?

If we do leave Terminus within the first few episodes, does Gareth stick with the group? Is he part of the car chase, tracking them down? Maybe he keeps following them, even if Rick, Daryl, Carol and company meet up with Beth/Gabriel, if they are indeed together?

Do you have a theory on the timeline of events and what will happen by which episode?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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