Warning! Do Not Use A Zombie Hammer On The Living!

Zombie Hammer is a company located in Phoenix, Arizona that produces a set of wicked looking, zombie slaying tools. According to their website:

Zombie Hammer survival tools are designed to last longer than cockroaches. Made in America, from American steel, using American labor.

It is impossible to wrap your fist around a Zombie Hammer™ and not feel like a badass.

Do not use any ZH products on anything that is alive.

I had the opportunity to “finger” their goods while visiting The Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas.

The Zombie Hammer product line consist of:

  • The Decapitator
  • Zombie Brain Saw
  • Zombie H.A.K
  • Original Zombie Hammer
  • Piece Maker
  • Street Cleaver

The Decapitator $5.99

Possibly the single most important tool to have on your person in the event of widespread catastrophe, the Decapitator “de-caps” your beer. And possibly your neighbor’s. And that girl’s over there.The Decapitator by Zombie Hammer

The Zombie Brain Saw $99.95

The Zombie Hammer “Brain Saw.” 18 inches of angry metal in a highly wieldable package that will make even the undead back up and do a double-take.SAMSUNG

The Original Zombie Hammer $79.95

OZH. . .  the Original Zombie Hammer. This is the one that started it all. Designed specifically to carry its weight at its outer-most edge, positioned directly posterior to the point of impact; it smashes through bone following the natural arc of the users arm, allowing the weight and inertia of the tool to do the work.The Original Zombie Hammer

The Zombie H.A.K (Huge Ass Knife): $139.95

The long-awaited Zombie Hammer “H.A.K.” (Huge Ass Knife) is a tool that speaks for itself. Fashioned from 18 inches of hot rolled 3/16″ steel, it is as hungry for zombie flesh as they are for your brain.The Zombie Hammer HAK or Huge Ass Knife

The Piece Maker $119.99

The Piece Maker- The universal solution to any large problem that needs to be reduced to smaller, more managable components.The Zombie Hammer Piece Maker

The Street Cleaver $139.95

Just like down at the neighborhood deli… Except you’ll be thin-slicing and stacking grey matter. Earl, cleanup on aisle 6…The Zombie Hammer Street CleaverImages courtesy of Zombie Hammer

Group Buy

Okay guys, I’m interested in doing a group buy direct from Zombie Hammer. I need a minimum of 15 people to participate. If the interest is there I will solidify arrangements with ZH, and provide final pricing to all interested.At this time payment will be made via paypal. If you’re interested leave a comment below.